Product Care

About our Products:

Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD)Coating Jewellery, is made with a thin layer of Colour-coated on metal like copper & Brass. With proper care, you can extend the lifespan of jewellery, it depends on how and when you wear it, Wearer's skin pH level can also affect the plating.
One-gram Gold Jewellery:With a little care, it can be used like gold jewellery for years.

Product Care:

  •  When not in use, we recommend to store jewellery in a low-density polyethene plastic or silk Zip pouch or soft cloth separate from other jewellery.
  •  After every use, clean jewellery with a cotton or a very soft cloth to remove oil, dust and Strains. If jewellery needs more cleaning you may clean it with mild-warm water. Don't Store them with sweat or water content. Please Don’t use any kind of chemicals for cleaning.
  •  Do not apply cream, lotion or perfume after wearing jewellery. Materials like oil, nail polish& its remover, perfume etc. may react with metal used in plated jewellery and will cause it to Fade-offeasily.
  •  Remove the ornaments when bathing, swimming.Chlorine in water will reacts and itwill cause to Fade-offeasily.